Chickpea aquafaba

How to make Aquafaba

Aquafaba is a fancy term for the water used to cook chickpeas or white beans. If you’ve used canned chickpeas you’ll have noticed that the water you drain from the can is quite thick. This makes it a great option for a vegan egg replacement!

It may not seem like the most appealing choice, but once you have it whipped all up as you would egg whites and added some vanilla, your taste buds will definitely be into it.

If you have chosen to go aluminum-free and no longer used canned chickpeas, here are the easy steps to follow to make aquafaba when preparing your own chickpeas.

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Aquafaba Egg Replacer

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  • 3 cups Filtered water
  • 1 cup Dried chickpeas (soaked overnight)


  1. Soak dried chickpeas for 6-8 hours.

  2. Rinse chickpeas and boil in 3 cups of filtered water for 30 minutes

  3. Remove chickpeas by draining water into a bowl. KEEP THE WATER!

  4. If the chickpea water is not thick and opaque, return to boil for 10 minutes until further reduced.

  5. Once the aquafaba (water from cooking the chickpeas) is reduced and cool, whip with a hand mixer until peaks form. 

  6. Use in any recipe that requires egg whites or add vanilla to make meringue!

Here’s what it looks like in a recipe to make Vegan Chocolate Mousse:

What do you use aquafaba for? Let me know in the comments below!

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