Vegan Breakfast Burrito

plant-based gluten free primitivish

I never took a stab at making tofu scramble because I don’t think tofu is the healthiest way to eat soy. Even organic tofu is heavily processed and deprived of essential nutrients. When I do eat soy, I opt for the fermented version: tempeh. During the fermentation, tempeh retains all of the dietary fiber, vitamins and protein of the whole soybean. It’s also extra tasty!

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Rawnola Green Smoothie Bowl

vegan plant-based superfood rawnola

Yes, I know, high-speed blenders aren’t found in nature. But with industrialization, we have lost access to fresh greens with essential nutrients to keep us active and healthy. If you can’t chew enough greens in a day, the next best option is to drink them up!

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vegan gluten free pancakes easy

These vegan, gluten-free pancakes are easier to make from scratch than any conventional pancakes. The best part is that they don’t require any type of milk. I recently realized that baking with water instead of milk does not make a difference. Save money & time from buying plant milk or making your own by simply adding filtered water instead.

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vegan eggs benedict

This is a greasy yet decadent breakfast. If you are restricting your oil consumption, you can try to bake the hash browns on a silicon sheet in the oven, but they will not be as crispy OR simply cut your potatoes into quarters & simply bake with paprika.

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Without making serious lifestyle changes, quitting coffee can seem like an insurmountable task at first. Matcha is a much better alternative to coffee for a number of reasons. It is crazy high in antioxidants, beta-carotene, and L-Theanine, which helps stabilize the energy felt from the caffeine, making you feel much more calm and less moody. With this recipe you can make a delicious Matcha vanilla latte in half the time of making any coffee beverage, and without any fancy tools!

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raw granola

Before making the switch to cleaner eating habits, I loooooooved my homemade granola, baked in coconut oil and maple syrup, until perfectly crisp. Don’t get me wrong, regular homemade granola is not particularly unhealthy, but if your goal is to get the most nutrients out of your food, this raw take and granola is a far better option.

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When I first tried to reduce my wheat and processed food consumption, giving up French Toast was one of the hardest things. I used to make it religiously, as a morning treat. Here is my clean twist on an old favorite.

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